[stunnel-users] SSL Libraries on Debian

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mobi-com.net
Tue Mar 14 09:57:47 CET 2006

Hal Vaughan wrote:
> I tried compiling Stunnel on Debian and get an error -- I 
> need the ssl 
> libraries.  I tried ./configure --with-ssl=/usr/lib/ssl, 
> which is where 
> libssl-dev was installed, and it doesn't help.

You're wrong.  libssl-dev installs libraries in /usr/lib:

$ dpkg -L libssl-dev | grep libcrypto

For stunnel you should use:
./configure --with-ssl=/usr
since that's the prefix OpenSSL libraries and includes are installed on

BTW: Simple ./configure works fine on Debian.

Best regards,

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