[stunnel-users] SSL Libraries on Debian

Jan Meijer jan.meijer at surfnet.nl
Tue Mar 14 07:33:14 CET 2006

On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Hal Vaughan wrote:

> I tried compiling Stunnel on Debian and get an error -- I need the ssl
> libraries.  I tried ./configure --with-ssl=/usr/lib/ssl, which is where
> libssl-dev was installed, and it doesn't help.  There is a libssl file
> in /usr/lib, but --with-ssl=/usr/lib/ssl doesn't seem to work either.
> What package on Debian provides the needed headers (according to
> aptitude, libssl-dev, the one I installed, does, but experience is
> telling me otherwise).

This is what I have on my debian systems:

ii  libssl-dev     0.9.7e-3sarge1 SSL development libraries, header files
ii  libssl0.9.7    0.9.7e-3sarge1 SSL shared libraries

> (This, btw, is why I am trying to make static binaries -- you can never
> tell what to expect on Linux systems at this point.  Often config/make
> doesn't work and there are many times when packages don't work out for
> one reason or another.)

I share your thinking, rolling out 50 binaries is not something you'd do
with make install but with kickstart or the like.

In the past I had a different reason for wanting to compile it statically:
FreeBSD jails.  It makes it all the easier if you don't have to worry
about shared libraries in your jailed environment.



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