[stunnel-users] Clearer and Detailed version of the mail Stunnelfor HTTP enc

Ian cobalt-users1 at fishnet.co.uk
Thu Jul 20 17:28:11 CEST 2006

On 20 Jul 2006 at 14:50, LoopBack Inc wrote:

> Hello Ian,
> Yes thats excatly what I want to do.
> In fact, if possible, this I haven't described yes, I would like to encript 
> every program I want through PC2, used as a proxy, like you said.
> But if it would work with the http it wouldn't be bad.
> Thank you for your reply.


Ok, this has clarified things for me.

Another question, do you have a copy of the proxy program (SocksCap 
?) running on 

If not then this is the problem.  I believe that stunnel does not 
itself act as a proxy.  It 
simply acts as a tunnel.

>From your description of your config I suspect that you should have a 
second copy of 
SocksCap listenening on PC2 which will forward data onto the 

A quick example:


SocksCap listening on port 8080 ( for example) forwards to
stunnel listening on port 500, forwarded any data to PC2 port 500


stunnel listening on port 500 forwards data to
SocksCap listening on port 8080 forwards data out to the internet.

This will encrypt data between PC1 & PC2 but after that it will be 
back in plain.

In order to test this I would break it down into its individual 
components and test each 
stage.  I recommend downloading netcat 
(http://netcat.sourceforge.net/ or google for it) 
and learn how to use it.  Sorry I can't help you with this bit, its 
better if you learn it 
yourself - and once you have you will wonder how you ever managed 
without it ;)



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