[stunnel-users] Clearer and Detailed version of the mail Stunnelfor HTTP encription

Boxall, John john.boxall at bmo.com
Thu Jul 20 17:39:25 CEST 2006

Dear Unknown user (or LoopBack, whichever you prefer),

Contrary to your assertion that the server's stunnel connection is
listening on port 500, the small piece of the stunnel.conf you have
provided says otherwise. 

---Stunnel.conf SERVER---
accept =		<--------- this means stunnel is
listening on 							port #
123......not 500
connect =

Also, as you have specified the server's localhost IP address
( on the accept, __no__ other computer can get to the stunnel
server, as it is only expecting stunnel traffic from it's own virtual
address, not any other computer.

If you setup the server as follows, it will accept stunnel connections
from any computer on port 123 (or change this to whatever port number
you want....at both ends) and send the traffic to its own port 80. I
assume that anything hitting port 80 on this box is then "socksified"
and forwarded elsewhere.

---Stunnel.conf SERVER---
accept = 123				<
connect =

The client configuration looks fine to me.

I second Ian's comments.

John Boxall

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