[stunnel-users] stunnel 4.14 errors and dropped connection

stunnelusers at tinfoil.cotse.net stunnelusers at tinfoil.cotse.net
Sat Jan 21 21:58:33 CET 2006


If I leave my computer downloading via stunnel and come back to it
later, I find the download has stopped halfway and in the stunnel log
it says:

SSL_read: Connection reset by peer (WSAECONNRESET) (10054)

and then a number of lines like:

Error resolving 'xxx.xxx.xxx': Neither nodename nor servname known (EAI_NONAME)

where xxx.xxx.xxx is the url I was downloading from.

I am using stunnel 4.14 on win xp.

If I try to load a web page like google I get told it cannot be found.
I have to switch off the router and switch it back on. When Windows
finds the "new" connection it resets itself and everything works
perfectly again, for a while, and then it happens all over again.

This did not happen before I upgraded to 4.14.

What is happening? Why is it happening? How do i stop it?


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