[stunnel-users] Some newbie question for stunnel

Jan Meijer jan.meijer at surfnet.nl
Fri Jan 13 07:57:00 CET 2006

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Thomas Stein wrote:

> Hello,
> After reading some doc pages about stunnel I have still some questions:
> 1.) I read that the client part of a pop3 connection (e.g. for GoogleMail) is like
> stunnel -c -d pop3 -r bar:pop3s
> However I did not found any explations of the flags -d, -d and -r
> When I type stunnel -help none of these flags are explained.


> 2.) Can I replace pop3 and pop3s in the command above by real port numbers?


> 3.) Is stunnel compatible with SSH servers ?
> In other words: can stunnel on the local machine communicate with a SSH server on the remote
> computer and vice versa?

No.  You can do 'ssh over ssl' though.  And there is a good reason why
you'd want to do that: you'll not be bitten when one of the
implementations contains a security bug, the chance that both at the same
time contain the same bug is slim.

> 4.) Is there a timeout function?
> Read: When I start stunnel I would like to exit the service after lets say 5 minutes automatically.
> Is there such a feature/option?

Not that I know of.  The SSL tunnel is broken down though after use.

> 5.) Has someone experiences with googlemail pop3 retrieval of emails?

Not me, I don't trust google with my mail ;).


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