[stunnel-users] Some newbie question for stunnel

Thomas Stein thoste at email.com
Thu Jan 12 22:56:04 CET 2006


After reading some doc pages about stunnel I have still some questions:

1.) I read that the client part of a pop3 connection (e.g. for GoogleMail) is like

stunnel -c -d pop3 -r bar:pop3s

However I did not found any explations of the flags -d, -d and -r

When I type stunnel -help none of these flags are explained.

2.) Can I replace pop3 and pop3s in the command above by real port numbers?

3.) Is stunnel compatible with SSH servers ?
In other words: can stunnel on the local machine communicate with a SSH server on the remote 
computer and vice versa? 

4.) Is there a timeout function?

Read: When I start stunnel I would like to exit the service after lets say 5 minutes automatically.

Is there such a feature/option?

5.) Has someone experiences with googlemail pop3 retrieval of emails?

Is the following stunnel command recommendable for googlemail.com?

stunnel -c -d pop3 -r pop.googlemail.com:pop3

Thank you in advance for the answer

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