[stunnel-users] transparent mode in linux

ZHUANG YUYAO zhuangyy at netease.com
Fri Feb 10 02:27:49 CET 2006

Search this maillist archive, MAtteo HCE Valsasna has sent a transparent 
proxy patch for kernel 2.6 to this maillist. it works.

Jesse Small wrote:

> Hello,
> I am having trouble with the ‘transparent = yes’ option in my 
> configuration file. Basically the goal is to see the IP address of the 
> client connecting to our server, but I am getting this error in the 
> log file:
> bind transparent: Cannot assign requested address (99)
> Failed to initialize remote connection
> After searching through the stunnel archives, I saw that this option 
> (-T back then) was supported only up to the Linux 2.2 kernel, but 
> didn’t work on the 2.4 kernel. All the messages I read through were a 
> few years old.
> I am using Fedora Core 4 with a 2.6 kernel, and wanted to see if there 
> were any updates and if it was now possible to see the client’s IP 
> address. Otherwise all incoming connections appear as if from 
> localhost. We are using stunnel v4.14.
> Thanks for your help,
> Jesse
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