[stunnel-users] transparent mode in linux

Jesse Small jesse.small at hxti.com
Thu Feb 9 20:13:42 CET 2006



I am having trouble with the 'transparent = yes' option in my configuration
file.  Basically the goal is to see the IP address of the client connecting
to our server, but I am getting this error in the log file:


bind transparent: Cannot assign requested address (99)

Failed to initialize remote connection


After searching through the stunnel archives, I saw that this option (-T
back then) was supported only up to the Linux 2.2 kernel, but didn't work on
the 2.4 kernel.  All the messages I read through were a few years old.


I am using Fedora Core 4 with a 2.6 kernel, and wanted to see if there were
any updates and if it was now possible to see the client's IP address.
Otherwise all incoming connections appear as if from localhost.  We are
using stunnel v4.14.


Thanks for your help,


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