[stunnel-users] SSL_read returned WANT_ - retry

Leach, Rich rleach at zolldata.com
Thu Jun 30 15:51:08 CEST 2005

Greetings all-


I'm an internet developer (mainly ColdFusion, some Windows, database
stuff, etc.)  and I've just inherited a Windows system that is utilizing
Stunnel (I believe it's version 3.4) and in the log files I'm seeing
this error all over the place:


"SSL_read returned WANT_ - retry"


It's usually listed around other messages in the log file such as
"socket closed", "connection closed", etc. 


I noticed these messages in our logs because I got a call to restart our
web services; everything froze up and the site would not come up. I
stopped and started the web services and everything came back up. For a
long time everyone around here has been blaming our ColdFusion server
(version 6.1) but it looks to me like the Stunnel is throwing a wrench
and halting everything - does anyone know what these errors mean or
could you direct me to a place on the stunnel site that could offer some
insight? I tried looking around the FAQ section but didn't see my error


Any help or input you could provide would be most appreciated! 


Many thanks in advance,





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