[stunnel-users] Q: rereading configuration file?

Peter Pentchev roam at ringlet.net
Tue Feb 1 14:21:56 CET 2005

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 02:15:22PM +0100, Heiko Nardmann wrote:
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> Hi!
> Does stunnel offer a way to signal a need for rereading the configuration 
> file, i.e. some kind of SIGHUP ?

I don't think it does; at least, it is not handled by a signal, and for
a good reason; see below.

> I would like to add services while running stunnel without stopping the 
> program ... it should compare currently available services with the new list 
> of services, stop the ones not available any more and start those which are 
> new in the new/changed configuration ...

Part of the reason that I think this has not been done is that in most
cases (at least under Unix), stunnel is running in a chroot jail for
security reasons.  If so, the stunnel process that receives the signal
has absolutely no way to access the config file - it is most probably
outside the chroot tree where the stunnel process operates.


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