[stunnel-users] connection timeout

SqM sqm at mynta.org
Sun Oct 10 10:31:13 CEST 2004


I have an application that itself has the possibility to
use a backup server. I.e config of primary and secondary server.

I have set up the application to connect to localhost on 2 different
ports ( 1000 and 1001 ) and each of the ports are forwarded to a primary
and secondary server.

When testing this setup i find that if i route packets to the
primary server to /dev/null in order for the application to select
the secondary server the application seems to be happy since stunnel
answers. After aproxx 300 seconds i can see in the log that stunnel
gives up and that the application sees this. The appliation then
happily selects the secondary server.

The question then is if it is possible to make stunnel a little bit
faster in giving up.. I.e. perhaps 30 sec instead of 300 sec.

I found one setting in the client config that seems to do this
but the question is.. Is this the correct way to do it..

I.e. setting "TIMEOUTbusy = 30 seconds" seems to fix my problem
but is this the rigth way or is there a better way?


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