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This can be O/S dependent – some O/S have limits on file descriptors, pipes, etc.  I would check that.


Second, broken pipes happen when one side closes when there is still action.  In Unix C it is easy to do – if you use a piped open but you only want to get the first line of data so your read from the pipe and close … you get a broken pipe every time.  This is harmless if that is what you want.  Death if not.


You might check your Oracle code for premature closing as I doubt it is stunnel.  Can you trap the error and resume and see if it works?  It well could.


Essentially what I am saying is this is not directly a stunnel problem, more likely it is an implementation error.  Which could be in the Oracle code as I have had problems with it in the past.


More information on the O/S and the Oracle code would help.







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You are not giving enough information for anyone in this list to help you. 


Please review and apply  How To Ask Questions The Smart Way <http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html>  



How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


How to Report Bugs Effectively <https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html> 



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I have an encrypted connection through stunnel between client and db server, but in connection I have the following errors:


"IO Error: Broken pipe (Write failed) at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CPreparedStatement.executeForDescribe(T4CPreparedStatement.java:874)"



Could you help me, please?


Thank you in advance



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