[stunnel-users] How to archive DNS load balance in stunnel client?

Peter Zhao pzhao at paymentus.com
Fri Aug 21 23:29:53 CEST 2020


We are trying to use DNS load balance in a stunnel client with round-robin
algorithm.  service.example.com is mapping to two ips. But when we update
DNS to remove one of ips for   service.example.com stunnel client still
forward requests to both ips. How to make stunnel client to resolve domain
name and refresh its cache?

Here is stunnel configuration.
cert = /etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem

client = yes
accept = localhost:4680
connect = service.example.com:4680

client = no
accept =
connect = loclhost:80

Here is the resolving result for service.example.com.
service.example.com.        5       IN      A
service.example.com.        5       IN      A
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