[stunnel-users] Questions/comments about the 64-bit installer.

Thomas Eifert kxkvi at wi.rr.com
Sat May 25 06:06:00 CEST 2019

  I just upgraded to Windows 10 pro x64.  I attempted to install Stunnel 
version 5.55b1.

I made a couple of basic observations that I'd like to pass along.

1.  The installer attempts to install Stunnel in the windows "Program 
Files (x86) directory.
       I thought Stunnel is now a 64-bit program.  As such, why does it 
attempt to install in
       that directory?

2.  The new version of Stunnel doesn't seem to want to run under Windows 
10.  If I attempt
      to run it as an app, the program terminates when I attempt to 
establish a connection and
      pass traffic through it.  Running it as a service, it passes a few 
dozen bytes of traffic, then
      stalls.  Changing compatibility modes had little effect.

3. Stunnel version 5.49 runs beautifully under Win 10.  I'll continue to 
use it until i find a
     newer version that works.

Has anyone else had similar experience trying to use Stunnel under Win 
10?  If so, I'd like
to know if you were able to resolve these issues.



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