[stunnel-users] Timeout's issue / network stunnel on virtual apps

Marian Andrei Olteanu marian.andrei.olteanu.allview at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 09:36:11 CET 2019

Hi all,

I have a client - server application which works as following.
The server is hosted in a linux machine and the clients are up in
citrix(XEN) virtual machines.
I have enable stunnel encry. in between this environments but i keep
getting some connection issues from time to time.
To be more clear the client application starts a session for you from the
virtual machine (xen) so the stunnel.exe running there in the server is
meant to encrypt traffic of around 100 users(from win AD who have access to
use that resource in the server)
, port configured in VM machine 1001 accept - linux.host:1002 connect with
linux accept on 1002 - localhost:1000. the channel opened between the VM
and Linux is used by many users simultaneous.
Could please tell me what is happening here?Is this architecture able to

thank you in advance.
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