[stunnel-users] Problem with name resolving on Centos 7

Flo Rance trourance at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 13:12:54 CET 2019

If you want to resolv hostnames using resolv.conf file, you need the
appropriate library libresolv which is part of libc.
So you'll need to copy the libc librairies in your chroot environment.


On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 1:00 PM tom <posturne at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> > Are you sure 'foobar.remote.site' should resolve?
> > Does "ping foobar.remote.site" work?
> yes, the host is resolved on commandline and other services on this
> system can reach this host.
> > Do you have a /var/run/stunnel/etc/resolv.conf file?
> No at this time I dont have this file, but it doesnt change anything
> if I copy the original from /etc to this lokation. But this brings me
> to the point try to dissable chroot and in this case stunnel is
> working as expected. So far so good - there is something wrong in the
> chroot jail.
> I try to put it to /var/run/stunnel - no luck, but maybe there are
> other files missing as well?
> regards
> Tom
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