[stunnel-users] Problem with name resolving on Centos 7

tom posturne at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 12:59:14 CET 2019


> Are you sure 'foobar.remote.site' should resolve?
> Does "ping foobar.remote.site" work?

yes, the host is resolved on commandline and other services on this
system can reach this host.

> Do you have a /var/run/stunnel/etc/resolv.conf file?

No at this time I dont have this file, but it doesnt change anything
if I copy the original from /etc to this lokation. But this brings me
to the point try to dissable chroot and in this case stunnel is
working as expected. So far so good - there is something wrong in the
chroot jail.

I try to put it to /var/run/stunnel - no luck, but maybe there are
other files missing as well?


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