[stunnel-users] Stunnel Time out Error

Sedick Cloete sedick at logicore.co.za
Mon May 7 13:19:35 CEST 2018

HI All,


We recently moved our email server from an in-house server to Office 365.


We are now in the process of replacing all our XP boxes with Windows 10.
One of the boxes are running the email service which collects emails from
Office 365, that we have just recently upgraded.  This process works on the
XP but times out on windows 10.  


Attached, is the time out the log file.


Below is the code I am using:  Basic program code


* variables

               ChannelNo                                        = 0

               Pop3Server                                       =

               Pop3User                                          = UserName

               Pop3Pass                                           = Password

               Pop3Port                                           = '995'

               ProxYServer                                      =

               ProxyPort                                          = '110'

               ProxyDir                                             =

               ProxyExe                                           =

               ProxyCert                                          =


* retreives mail in MIME format

               Gosub GET_EMAILS


return Mail_Rec




* close previous session If it wasnt closed properly             

               Code = seeClose(ChannelNo)

               Code = seeRelease()


* attach key code             

               Code = seeAttach(1, KeyCode)

               if Code < 0 then

                              RetFlag = 1




* start stunnel

               Code = seeSetProxySSL(0, 1, ProxyDir, ProxyCert, ProxyExe)

               If Code < 0 Then




* connect to email server              

               Code = seePop3ConnectSSL(ChannelNo, ProxyPort, Pop3Port,
Pop3Server, Pop3User, Pop3Pass, ProxyServer)

    If Code < 0 Then




Your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Thank you.


Kind Regards,






IT Business Consultant

Cell:     083 228 7058

Fax:     086 515 9695

email: sedick at logicore.co.za


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