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Peter Pentchev roam at ringlet.net
Thu Jan 4 09:08:02 CET 2018

On Wed, Jan 03, 2018 at 04:01:50PM -0800, Editor wrote:
> Hi:
> On the various repo sites for Redhat-CentOS-Oracle Linux, etc., they are
> only providing version 4.29 of stunnel. Is there anyway to push them an
> updated version?
> I normally use these repo providers:
> Oracle Linux repo
> EPEL 6 Repo
> rpmforce Repo

Unfortunately it does seem that stunnel-5.x is not available through
any of the official and even semi-official package repositories for
CentOS 6.

> In the end, I tried to compile the latest version on Linux but I get this
> somewhat cryptic message about a TLS installation directory. I never had
> this issue before but to be honest, I normally used Solaris (8-9-10) in the
> past.
> "Could not find your TLS library installation dir
> Use --with-ssl option to fix this problem"
> I tried pointing it at /usr/bin/openssl and also at /usr/lib64/openssl
> without any luck.

To compile programs that use a library, you need not only the library
files themselves, but also the so-called header files that describe for
the compiler what functions and data types are defined and used in
the library.  Most Linux distributions keep these files in a separate
package, e.g. on CentOS 6 for OpenSSL there is the "openssl" package
that contains the libraries themselves and then there is "openssl-devel"
with the header files.  Try installing the openssl-devel package and
rerunning the stunnel configure script; it should be able to pick up
the OpenSSL header files without any special --with-ssl options,
it knows where to look for the most common installation directories.

Hope that helps!

Best regards,

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