[stunnel-users] Versions

Editor editor at cellmail.com
Thu Jan 4 01:01:50 CET 2018


On the various repo sites for Redhat-CentOS-Oracle Linux, etc., they are 
only providing version 4.29 of stunnel. Is there anyway to push them an 
updated version?

I normally use these repo providers:

Oracle Linux repo
EPEL 6 Repo
rpmforce Repo

In the end, I tried to compile the latest version on Linux but I get 
this somewhat cryptic message about a TLS installation directory. I 
never had this issue before but to be honest, I normally used Solaris 
(8-9-10) in the past.

"Could not find your TLS library installation dir
Use --with-ssl option to fix this problem"

I tried pointing it at /usr/bin/openssl and also at /usr/lib64/openssl 
without any luck.

Sorry for bothering the list if this has been answered in the past.



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