[stunnel-users] older browsers, stunnel and privoxy

Ludolf Holzheid lholzheid at bihl-wiedemann.de
Tue Dec 18 20:44:41 CET 2018

On Tue, 2018-12-18 17:49:16 +0100, kovacs janos wrote:
> [..]
> does this mean stunnel encrypts requests differently than browsers? or
> the connection between browser and proxy is different than stunnel and
> proxy?


Making HTTPS from HTTP is a bit more than just encrypting/decrypting.
To make this work, you have to re-write HTTP headers and links in the
HTTP body before encrypting and after decrypting.  As these are part
of the TCP payload, you have to follow, parse and modify the data
streams exchanged between client and server, in addition to




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