[stunnel-users] Updating stunnel 5.43 to 5.44 fails on Win7prof(32)

Małgorzata Olszówka Malgorzata.Olszowka at stunnel.org
Fri Dec 15 12:41:12 CET 2017

> I did try updating stunnel 5.43 to 5.44 on a Win7prof (32bit) system, but it
> fails...

> Log after 5.44 update:
> Pls refer to screenshot at:
> https://imgur.com/hCOKES7
> "Invalid configuration file"
> errno: (*_errno())
> stunnel.conf:65: ["name"]: Failed to initialize TLS

The compression is not recommended with TLS because of the CRIME or 
BREACH attacks.
 From stunnel v 5.44 in Windows the zlib compression is not supported.
So you should remove the option:
compression = zlib

If you want to use  this compression, please place the file zlib1.dll 
(from the previous version) in the stunnel / bin directory.

Best regards,

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