[stunnel-users] possibility to delay connect to host

Paavo Sild paavo.sild at estcard.ee
Mon Dec 4 16:15:46 CET 2017


I am a bit new to stunnel and while I tried to search the message 
archive I did not find any possible reference to the issue I try to 

I am running a bit older version of stunnel as a simple reverse 
proxy. It accepts incoming TLS connection and opens clear TCP 
connection to a host specified by "connect" parameter in config.
I wander - it is possible to delay the opening of TCP connection to a 
host until the actual data is received from client? I haven't found 
any reference to such a possibility in stunnel but thought that it 
worth to ask from community.
The issue is that due to the nature of traffic there are instances 
then client negotiates the SSL connection but there is no actual data 
to be sent by the client. By opening the connection to host only when 
actual data is present would filter out unnecessary connections 
towards the application.
Anybody had such an issue to solve? 


Paavo Sild
paavo.sild at estcard.ee

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