[stunnel-users] Windows Mobile 6.5

Pierre DELAAGE delaage.pierre at free.fr
Mon Aug 24 14:06:42 CEST 2015

Hi Michal,
By that time (5.05) my patch around the icon display on wce (with the 
extras wce files) was not implemented,
so that the stunnel icon, once masked just one time, never re-appears 
(because released from the resource pool of the wce system).
My patch for that was wce and w32 compatible (as most of the time...) 
provided that my wce files are used to reimplement w32 functions.

I will check that soon on 5.22 or 5.23 in detail and let you know.

Yours sincerely,

Le 24/08/2015 13:53, Michal Trojnara a écrit :
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> Hi Guys,
> On 24.08.2015 04:27, Pierre DELAAGE wrote:
>> Once understood everything, you should try to compile Version 5.05,
>> that includes most of my patch (but not everything).
> To be more precise, I indeed directly applied large parts of the
> patches provided by Pierre, but I also reimplemented several
> non-trivial parts of their functionality to facilitate the further
> development of stunnel (also on other platforms).
> Props to Pierre for his work on WCE patches.  Most of his changes were
> related to Unicode support, which is included upstream (and enabled by
> default) since stunnel 5.04.
> I'm sure some changes are still required to build the current stunnel
> for Windows CE/Mobile.
> Best regards,
> 	Mike
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