[stunnel-users] Truncated responses with stunnel >= 5.05

Tuomas Silen tuomas at silen.fi
Fri Nov 7 16:21:54 CET 2014

On 07/11/14 16:16, Michal Trojnara wrote:
> Thank you very much.  I checked the kernel source again:
> http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/net/ipv4/tcp.c#L466
> It looks like POLLRDHUP is set regardless of the amount of data left
> in the kernel buffers.
> Please try:
> https://www.stunnel.org/downloads/beta/stunnel-5.08b2.tar.gz

Thanks Mike! I've installed the new version and I'm no longer able to
reproduce the problem. Haven't encountered any new problems either,
so looking good so far! I'll do some more extensive testing a bit
later today and over the weekend and let you know if I see any issues.


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