[stunnel-users] [BUG] SSL directory scan breaks cross-compilation

John Spencer maillist-stunnel at barfooze.de
Mon Nov 3 02:09:35 CET 2014

John Spencer wrote:
> it seems between 5.02 and 5.06 a "SSL directory scan" was introduced.
>         for main_dir in /usr/local /usr/lib /usr/pkg /opt/local /opt 
> /usr; do
>             for sub_dir in /ssl /openssl /; do
>                 check_ssl_dir "$main_dir$sub_dir" && break 2
> this ofc breaks cross-compilation.

it seems there's another regression: even when working around the broken 
library detection by passing a "-with-ssl=$SYSROOT" configure flag, the 
libtool turns -lssl into /lib/libssl.so, because it's on old version of 
libtool that doesnt respect the --with-sysroot configure flag.

since this didnt happen with 5.02, it looks strongly as if the latest 
release was created on a different box with a way older autoconf and 
libtoolize installed than 5.02.

another issue is that -I/usr/kerberos/include is passed to the build.
this is another hardcoded and wrong path somewhere in the buildsystem 
which would break my build in case i had kerberos installed on my box.
in that case it would pull in host headers rather than headers from my 
x-compile sysroot. fortunately i don't have it.


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