[stunnel-users] [BUG] SSL directory scan breaks cross-compilation

John Spencer maillist-stunnel at barfooze.de
Mon Nov 3 01:42:51 CET 2014

it seems between 5.02 and 5.06 a "SSL directory scan" was introduced.

         for main_dir in /usr/local /usr/lib /usr/pkg /opt/local /opt 
/usr; do
             for sub_dir in /ssl /openssl /; do
                 check_ssl_dir "$main_dir$sub_dir" && break 2

this ofc breaks cross-compilation.

the concept of searching for a library directory is completely broken.

if just adding -lssl -lcrypto to LDFLAGS doesnt find the openssl 
libraries at link time, the user's compiler toolchain is wrongly set up, 
and its not the job of a package to work around that by searching 
through a number of directories.
it's the user's job to fix his toolchain by supplying the right -L paths 
in case he's got his library installed in a non-standard location.

also, there's pkg-config (which supports crosscompilation via a 
PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR env var) in case a library needs elaborate CFLAGS.


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