[stunnel-users] Strange performance problem, need help troubleshooting

Paulo Azevedo paulo at azevedomail.com
Sat May 24 12:20:57 CEST 2014

I have a strange performance problem with stunnel, could you help me?
Here is my setup:
PC1 & PC2 -- Switch (GbE) -- Switch (100mbps) -- Router -- modem -- Internet
PC1 has stunnel and HFS installed, sharing a folder to the internet.My
internet upload speed is 20Mbps.
With this setup, I can serve files at 8Mbps over the internet, but if I
disable stunnel the speed doubles to 16Mbps.
However, with stunnel active, if I try the same with PC2, I get 82Mbps
(using the internet IP, it goes all the way to the router), so this does
not appear to be a performance problem on the hardware.
Can you give me some hints on what is limiting my speed here?
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