[stunnel-users] [patch] Systemd socket activation support in daemon mode

Mark Theunissen mark at getpantheon.com
Wed May 14 15:11:06 CEST 2014

This patch doesn't allow for multiple [service] lines. To use it, you must
configure only one Listen= in your .socket file, and that one fd will be
passed to stunnel, which must have only one [service].

I'm happy to work on allowing multiple fds to be passed from systemd to
stunnel, if the patch will be accepted. What should the syntax be? Systemd
simply passed through a file descriptor for each socket it's listening on,
keeping the same order they're declared in the .socket. E.g.:

### stunnel.socket


### stunnel.conf

[foo service]

[bar service]

We can just enforce a rule that your services must be in the same order as
the ListenStream= declarations. With the above configuration, a user could
either start the stunnel service using `systemctl start stunnel.service` or
`systemctl start stunnel.socket` and either must work without modification
to stunnel.conf.

- Mark
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