[stunnel-users] log format

Philippe Anctil philippe.anctil at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 23:04:03 CEST 2014

I have noticed stunnel 5.01 log format is different when I run it under my
account vs when I run it on the system. I don't remember seeing this with
stunnel 4.56 and older.

Format under my account:

2014.06.02 11:38:50 LOG6[26855]: SSL accepted: new session negotiated

Format on the system:

Jun  4 16:27:14 hostname stunnel: LOG6[11100:0]: SSL accepted: new session

When I run under my account I normally save output to a separate file with
output=. I guess this is what is having an influence on the log format?

Is there any way I can have logging format in my account consistent with
what I have in syslog?


Philippe Anctil
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