[stunnel-users] Filename is not cached for later editing

Steve Marvin smarvin at pobox.com
Fri Jan 24 23:29:18 CET 2014

I am also seeing this problem with only one .conf file, using the supplied .conf file which I edited for my use.

Running stunnel as a service, the entry in the service manager is:

   "D:\Applications\stunnel\stunnel.exe" -service -install D:\Applications\stunnel\stunnel.conf

It runs correctly and the log entries are correct.
All of the items on the menu in the systray work correctly except 'Edit stunnel.conf'.
  The file does not open. I just put a shortcut on the desktop to get around this.

Selecting 'Save peer certificate' saves the certs in the correct directory
(so it obviously knows and can get to the path) .

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