[stunnel-users] stunnel domain name resolution bug

David Slachta elpin at volny.cz
Fri Dec 6 23:52:34 CET 2013

I'm new to the mailing lists so I hope it's the correct way to report a bug.

There's an issue with resolving domain names. I'm connecting an stunnel client to a server that sits on a computer which IP address is dynamic. Therefore I'm using a dyndns for the IP address of the server. When the IP address of the server is changed, the stunnel client doesn't update the name resolution of the dyndns name and tries to connect to the old IP which is of course unsuccessful. This can be resolved only by exiting and starting stunnel client again when a new domain name resolution is made.

Would it be possible to add a functionality to the stunnel that wouldn't cache the name resolution but try to resolve the domain names every time there's a connection request?

I'm using a Windows OS for both server and client, not sure if that makes a difference.

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