[stunnel-users] Need help building FIPS capable Stunnel forWindows CE

Bao, Robert rbao at tycoint.com
Thu Oct 18 17:08:47 CEST 2012

Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot for your reply and help.

According to the engineer who actually is trying to make this work for
our WinCE environment, the way you resolved your problem is for a native
Windows environment that unfortunately doesn't apply to our
cross-compile build (for WinCE).

Best regards,

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Robert Bao wrote:
> I am attempting to build a FIPS-capable Openssl for an XScale
> processor (ARMV4I) running under Windows CE 5.0 (using openssl-1.0.1c
> and openssl-fips-2.0.1), that was successful.
> FIPS_mode_set: 2D06B06F: error:2D06B06F:FIPS
> routines:FIPS_check_incore_fingerprint:fingerprint does not match

I had this error (WIN32 build, but the build process is the same 
according to https://openssl.org/docs/fips/UserGuide-2.0.pdf) when my 
FIPS-capable OpenSSL was broken.  Although compilation phase reported 
success, the built-in FIPS tests failed.  Obviously stunnel was also 
unable to initialize FIPS mode.

What this error means is that in-memory image of the FIPS module was 
found to be different from the one acquired during the original build.  
In my case the problem was caused by the linker enabling ASLR by 
default.  Downgrading the compiler suite fixed the problem without 
violating FIPS policy 
as ASLR is disabled in older linkers by default.


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