[stunnel-users] Unable to Stop Service - Windows XP SP3 x86

Thomas Eifert kxkvi at lavabit.com
Tue Oct 16 20:59:14 CEST 2012

I just uninstalled Stunnel version 4.53 and replaced it with 4.54 on my 
Windows XP
SP3 x86 machine.

What I generally do is stop the service, uninstall the service, then 
uninstall Stunnel
prior to installing the new version.

When I attempted to stop the version 4.53 service via the start menu 
shortcut, I was
unsuccessful; all that happened was that the Stunnel status/log window 
would launch.
This was repeatable.  Likewise, when I attempted to stop it from an 
elevated command
prompt using stunnel.exe -stop, the result was the same.  I am 
administrator on this

I launched services.msc, and was able to stop it from there without any 

After I installed 4.54, just to see what would happen, I attempted to 
stop the service
again using the same methods.  Same result.. I just can't do it in the 

I checked to ensure that there was only one Stunnel service/process running,
and that checks out okay.

Not sure if others are seeing this issue, but thought I'd better let 
someone know
about it.

Thanks for the new version!



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