[stunnel-users] How to pass remote IP to local SMTP/POP3 server

Zdenek Valach (INBOX) zdenek at inbox.com
Wed Mar 7 11:36:54 CET 2012


I have question, because I was not able to find answer
anywhere on internet.

I started to use Stunnel in server mode to provide
POP3S/SMTPS functionality. Everything works
fine except that I am missing remote IP of connecting client.

I am using Windows version so I can not use transparent
proxy mode working on Unix.

Is there way how to make Stunnel for example after each
establishment of TCP connection to send to SMTP/POP3
server port some special command like


to pass this information there. I know it is not in SMTP/POP3 standard
but it is simple for me extend behavior of SMTP/POP3 service by this

Thank you very much for any advice


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