[stunnel-users] FIPS_mode_set:fingerprint does not match

Mr. Bill www.lly at 126.com
Sun Mar 4 23:51:53 CET 2012

Okay I guess I will work around with fips = no then.
I installed Open_SSL via yum on Centos 6, I do not really know how I should fix it.
So I guess I will stay with fips = no.
Thank you for your reply.

At 2012-03-05 06:37:44,"Michal Trojnara" <Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net> wrote:

Mr. Bill wrote:

FIPS_mode_set: 2D06C06E: error:2D06C06E:FIPS routines:FIPS_mode_set:fingerprint does not match

This error message means that your OpenSSL library couldn't validate cryptographic hash value of the FIPS module it was compiled against.
You need to fix your OpenSSL.  Alternatively, as a workaround, you can disable FIPS mode with "fips = no" in your stunnel.conf.

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