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Robert Garcia rgarcia at bighead.net
Thu Jun 7 12:45:57 CEST 2012

I actually got it to work, mostly. I did not use the TProxy flag or apply firewall rules for the transparent proxy. I am doing this in AWS EC2 and wanted to avoid that. My latest haproxy.cfg is at the bottom…  

It basically came down to pouring over all of the logs, including apache2. What I found was that even though I am connecting to port 81 to haproxy from stunnel, haproxy is connecting to my apache2 server on 443. And since I had SSL loaded on 443, it gave the bad gateway. So I just removed mod_ssl and allow the connection on port 443, and it works fine. I am having a strange issue, though, where apache2 is reporting the port as 80, even though it is 443. I even force to use other ports, like 10443, and apache2 is reporting 80.

I have added "setenv HTTPS on" to the vhost 443 setup so that my apps that need to detect https will still work. I am going to need to resolve the apache port problem though. I am trying to make this transparent to any code (php) I may have on my servers. So they may check for $_SERVER['HTTPS'] or port to detect SSL, and i want that to all still work, without having to change code. I have solved the HTTPS detection, but need to resolve this port issue, then I am good.

log local0 debug
#log loghost local0 info
maxconn 50000
#chroot /usr/share/haproxy
user haproxy
group haproxy

log global
log-format Client:%Ci:%Cp\ BackendSrc:%Bi:%Bp\ Frontend:%Fi:%Fp\ Server:%Si:%Sp\ [%t]\ %f\ %b/%s\ %Tq/%Tw/%Tc/%Tr/%Tt\ %st\ %B\ %cc\ %cs\ %tsc\ %ac/%fc/%bc/%sc/%rc\ %sq/%bq\ %hr\ %hs\ %{+Q}r
mode http
#option httplog
#option dontlognull
option   forwardfor
retries 3
option redispatch
maxconn 50000
contimeout 5000
clitimeout 60000
srvtimeout 300000
stats uri /haproxy_stats
stats realm Global\ statistics
stats auth admin:pajama^fire

frontend dev-stg
bind *:80
bind *:81 accept-proxy
mode http
timeout client 5m
option httpclose
default_backend dev-www
backend dev-www
mode http
timeout connect 10s
timeout server 600s
balance roundrobin
server ws1 maxconn 1000 check port 80
stats uri /haproxy_stats
stats realm Global\ statistics
stats auth admin:pajama^fire

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On Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 3:30 AM, Scott McKeown wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> I've been doing some work on both HAProxy and STunnel myself over the last month or so.
> Your actual configuration files both look fine but one thing that you possibly missed is that you will have needed to have build HAProxy with the TProxy flag enabled, and I'm going to guess that you have also written and applied the Firewall rules for the transparent proxy.
> I've attached a DRAFT pdf of the work that I have been doing, its a very basic how-to on setting up both STunnel and HAProxy in Transparent mode on a Centos 6.2 system.
> --  
> With Kind Regards.
> Scott McKeown
> Loadbalancer.org (http://Loadbalancer.org)
> http://www.loadbalancer.org
> Attachments:  
> - STunnel-HAProxy transparent on Centos 6.2.pdf

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