[stunnel-users] Win CE build errors: main_execute() removed from stunnel.c file? "hwnd" link error.

Pierre DELAAGE delaage.pierre at free.fr
Tue Dec 4 13:43:25 CET 2012

Hi Michal,
So...let us stay with winsock1 code and lib,
and then you can NOT accept the ws2 lib in the makefile as suggested by 
Robert Bao, nor my old code modif or any other #include of "winsock2.h".

No problem.

In the past, my offer was to simplify the code for "custom" rewrites of 
getaddrinfo/getnameinfo in resolver.c,
by using winsock2 api,
because such calls are available in winsock2, and NOT in winsock1.

The more simple the code is, the easier to maintain it is, and hopefully 
the more robust it "can" be...

Just to mention, winsock2 is available on every version of Windows 
including w98, WNT, w2000 and after,
so that legacy OS compatibility would not be broken (and by contributing 
to WCE stunnel, you have noticed that I DO care also about legacy system 
compatibility...in every day life, because I do not want MS to obligate 
every one to migrate to the next version of their OS...because of lack 
of any good tool or service; so I try to fill the gap with some 

To my experience, winsock2 offers an API more close to BSD api, more 
and covers more protocols.
And it is also still maintained by Microsoft (unlike winsock1 lib).

I will check this in depth after official stunnel v5.00.

Best regards,

Le 04/12/2012 12:19, Michal Trojnara a écrit :
> On 2012-12-04 09:11, Pierre DELAAGE wrote:
>> I used to compile stunnel and openssl on WCE and I am waiting for v500
>> to try again.
>> http://delaage.pierre.free.fr
> I highly appreciate your effort.
>> But Michal : As of 4.34 I was also suggesting to replace winsock 1 by
>> winsock 2, not only by changing libs in makefile but also
>> some piece of code.
>  From what I understood you assume that Winsock2 implies IPv6 and related
> new resolver interface.  This is not really true:
> http://goo.gl/g0B8L
> While I agree that Windows 2000 compatibility is not that important
> anymore, I also see no real benefit in removing the legacy code.
> BTW: In recent beta version I moved the controversial code from gui.c to
> resolver.c.
> I'm sure you have noticed that Win32 is not my main (nor favorite)
> development platform.  I'm always glad to learn from your experience.
> Mike
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