[stunnel-users] stunnel.exe stops connecting

Mike Brazil mike at milibra.net
Wed Sep 28 01:16:38 CEST 2011

I'm running stunnel 4.44 for both POP3 and SMTP with my email client, Outlook Express, and my Spam filter, Cactus Spam. The OS is Win XP SP3.

I have added the following to stunnel.conf:

client = yes
debug = debug

accept =
connect = camel.arvixe.com:995

accept  = 25
connect = camel.arvixe.com:465

Other than adding those lines, I've not changed anything in the rest of stunnel.conf as it comes with the program.

When I boot the computer, Outlook Express, Cactus Spam, and stunnel all start and function correctly. However, after a period of time (a few hours -- I haven't yet pinned down whether there is a specific length to the time period), something goes wrong with stunnel, in that it stops communicating with Outlook Express, and it's CPU usage goes up to 25% (quad-core Intel CPU) and stays at that level indefinitely until I terminate the process. It is only the stunnel.exe process that is affected -- the service continues to run without error. I then restart stunnel.exe, and it works normally once again for a few hours. I usually become aware that stunnel has stopped connecting with Outlook Express when I come back to the computer after a few hours away from it, so I have so far been unable to see whether anything observable occurs when it gets into trouble or whether the length of time it ran properly varies or is constant.

Mike Brazil
mike at milibra.net
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