[stunnel-users] Internal error after reload modified server mode section

Javier meresponde2001-stn at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 1 20:12:22 CEST 2011


I didn't found this question, so I hope isn't duplicate.

I'm using the latest stable 4.42 version and I'm running Windows 2000 and I want to ask is this is a normal behavior.

What is happening is that, after change the server section in the config file (the rest are all client mode), if it has been any connection to that server (and only if it has been a connection), when I reload the modified conf, it gives...:

INTERNAL ERROR: get_alloc_list_ptr: Bad magic
str_stats: 380 block(s), 96684 byte(s)

This happens after no errors in the load (except for DH being hardcoded),

SSL context initialized
Configuration successful

after open every service (clients and server) and then, after the error, closes every service.

Trying to reload the conf, doesn't nothing, just stunnel hangs (is not responding to reloads). The only way to restart all is to close stunnel and reopen. Then, the configuration is accepted without problems and works perfectly.

This happens, as I said, after modify the conf file and if it was a connection. The section is related to a local test server, where I modify the IP and/or ports where to accept and where to connect.

As general options I have:
debug = debug
delay = yes

And the server section:
client = no

cert = mytestpem.pem
accept =
connect =

What I'm doing wrong? Is the normal behavior? Is it a new bug?


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