[stunnel-users] FD_MAX question

Eckert, Doug Doug.Eckert at dowjones.com
Wed Oct 26 19:54:05 CEST 2011

Thanks Brian, but no.  It's a limit within the prototypes.h file.

Sure, it can be modified and recompiled from source.  We just can't deviate from the delivered RPMs on the distro, and it may take a while for modifications to be backported and mainlined in RHEL.

Actually, I see in v4.44 MAX_FD (sorry, I had it reversed) is set to 256.  Apparently that value hasn't made it all the way through to RHEL as yet.  Just may have to be patient, although a conf file override would be nice.


>> Greetings,
>> We're using stunnel-4.15-2.el5.1 as provided on the RHEL 5 update 7 distro.
>> Is there any way to override the FD_MAX setting (64 IIRC), perhaps as a stunnel.conf option?
>Maybe I'm not understanding the question, but wouldn't "ulimit -n
>DESIRED_LIMIT" do the trick?
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