[stunnel-users] Windows Firewall has blocked some features of thisprogram

Jose Alf. josealf at rocketmail.com
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I have used commands like this in a BAT file:

echo -- Opening Port for Remote Control
netsh firewall set portopening protocol = TCP port = 5990 name = HelpDesk mode =
 ENABLE scope = CUSTOM addresses=,

Which allows connections to port 5590 from 2 subnets.

For VBS examples, take a look at

which looks excellent.

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Hi Josealf,

Thank you for your response and for this information. Is there a VB script
or other method I can use for this purpose? I use a signed Java applet to
download, install, and execute stunnel, but can insert a step to run a VB
or other script on the host prior. I suspect the stunnel installer may do
this already, but after looking, did not see anything.

Thank you

> You can add the required firewall exceptions as part of your installation
> tasks. You just need to allow connections to the incoming port(s) your
> stunnel config use.

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