[stunnel-users] Windows 7 connection to HTTPS server

Daniel Pierce dpierce at xpertassist.com
Sun Jul 10 04:36:39 CEST 2011


Thanks for your recommendation.  I set verify = 0 and the connection started
to work.  Must be a certificate issue.

Based on the documentation I didn't define the value because it says 

verify = level

    verify peer certificate

    level 1 - verify peer certificate if present
    level 2 - verify peer certificate
    level 3 - verify peer with locally installed certificate
    default - no verify

Thanks again.

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If you have an https web server, do you really need stunnel to connect to
it? Most likely you don't.
If you want to do GETs and POSTs you can do it with curl. You don't need
stunnel in the middle.

If your stunnel is listening in port 3600 in client mode it expects a clear
text connection, not an SSL one. That is, you should do
http://localhost:3600/whatever, not https://localhost:3600/what ever. Try
with verify=0 in the stunnel.conf to see if you get a connection.


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