[stunnel-users] Multi Tunnel Support in STunnel

Narendra Prasad Madanapalli narendramind at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 06:32:51 CET 2011


Current stunnel implementation is based on peer-to-peer communication and it
cannot be used in the environment where a management server wants to talk to
multi-site server (i.e. an instance of server running in different sites).

Multi Tunnel support for Stunnel enables a Management Server to communicate
with Multisite Server. But it requires extending Stunnel with a new protocol
whereby Management Server & Client Stunnel Process communicates.

1.       The new stunnel conf for multi tunnel (keeping backward
compatibility) look like


accept = aport

connect = ip:cport


multitunnel = yes

accept = 1234

connect = ip1:5678,ip2:5678,ip3:5678,...ipn:5678

Anyone can please let me know the steps to configure the stunnel if the
support is already in place or provide your thoughts on the new support?

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