[stunnel-users] Question of stunnel/openssl for X86 processor -- Pierre's patch

Pierre DELAAGE delaage.pierre at free.fr
Mon Jan 10 21:51:53 CET 2011

  Hi Jiehua,
Please review the instructions on my webpage : in particular use my 
compilation scripts, and look inside them to know the syntax.
It is quite simple : makece X86 for stunnel.
For openssl, run the command "mywcebuild X86".

It works.

Le 10/01/2011 17:40, Li, Jiehua a écrit :
> Dear Pierre and Dear Stunnel Users,
> We are trying to build stunnel for WinCE on X86 processor. After reviewing messages on the board, I found your article published in late November. I've downloaded packages from your personal website athttp://delaage.pierre.free.fr/
> These packages include:
> 1.     Precompiled wcecompat library
> 2.     Source code foropenssl v100a for WCE  <http://delaage.pierre.free.fr/contrib/openssl/wce/openssl100a_WCEpatched3.zip>.
> 3.     Source code forstunnel v434 for WCE  <http://delaage.pierre.free.fr/contrib/stunnel/wce/stunnel434_WCEpatched2X86.zip>.
> I was hoping to the get the precompiled openssl library files, but it seems there are only library files for ARM processor under the folder of "out32dll_ARMV4" and there's no precompiled version for X86. So I tried to compile the openssl downloaded from your website for the X86 processor after customizing a few parameters (OSVERSION, PLATFORM, WCEROOT, SDKROOT, WCECOMPAT) as you suggested. But the compilation failed, I got error messages as below. I'm also including all options for cl.exe in the email as well. I wonder if you have seen similar issues before. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks for the help.
> Regards,
> Jiehua
>          cl.exe /Fotmp32dll_x86\cryptlib.obj  -Iinc32 -Itmp32dll_x86 /MC  /O1 /Oi
> _WCE=420 -DUNDER_CE=420 -DWCE_PLATFORM_STANDARDSDK_420 -Dx86 -D_ -IC:\STunnel\wc
> ecompat12_patched2X86\patchedX86/include -DOPENSSL_NO_RC5 -DOPENSSL_NO_MD2 -DOPE
> ib -D_WINDLL -D_DLL  -DOPENSSL_BUILD_SHLIBCRYPTO -c .\crypto\cryptlib.c
> Command line warning D4002 : ignoring unknown option '/MC'
> cryptlib.c
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winnt.h(301
> 9) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'PCONTEXT'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winnt.h(302
> 0) : error C2059: syntax error : '}'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(1
> 481) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'LPCONTEXT'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(1
> 481) : error C2059: syntax error : ';'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(2
> 222) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ')' before identifier 'lpContext'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(2
> 222) : error C2081: 'LPCONTEXT' : name in formal parameter list illegal
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(2
> 222) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'lpContext'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(2
> 222) : error C2059: syntax error : ';'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(2
> 223) : error C2059: syntax error : ')'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(2
> 230) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ')' before '*'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(2
> 230) : error C2143: syntax error : missing '{' before '*'
> C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\WCE420\STANDARDSDK_420\include\x86\winbase.h(2
> 231) : error C2059: syntax error : ')'
> NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'cl.exe' : return code '0x2'
> Stop.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Michal, Dear all,
> I have continued to work on my WCE version of stunnel 4.34, after having
> received some request for help to compile for other TARGET CPU than ARM,
> typically WCE/X86.
> That led me to a few more compilation bug fixes and some improvments in
> makefiles, proper usage of winsock2 library, automatisation and
> management of "make/build" process
> for multiple targets WCE (ARM|X86...) and Win32 (with MS VC and
> Gnu-mingw32 !).
> I added also, as a practical feature, the inclusion of
> "version/copyright" properties in the exe files, properties that are
> displayable in the Windows Explorer or by right-clicking on the exefile.
> This is not only a "beautifying" feature: this allows automatic version
> checking by external tools without having to run the stunnel program,
> particularly useful when the targetcpu does not match the host cpu...
> I also worked to have "as close as possible" evc.mak, vc.mak, and
> mingw.mak files.
> A lot of work and test-fail-adapt cycles have been performed to have a
> common code working with the various flavors of C-PREPROCESSORS !
> because there are subtle differences between MS EVC, MS VC, Borland BCC
> and GNU-GCC preprocessors.
> THE ATTACHMENT has been sent in zip format, because it contains a few
> scripts and other files that exceed the 100KB limit of the mailing list.
> it contains the files :
> version.h : contains the #define version numbers, major and minor
> version.rc : version displayable by Windows Explorer property sheet
> makew32.bat : an helper for build wih MS VC
> Michal:
> patched2X86.txt : a FULL diff -cr between your last 4.34 official
> version and my last patched
> patched2X86_incr.txt : an INCREMENTAL diff -cr between my previous
> patched version sent on 27/09/2010 and the present one.
> For the impatient, my patched version of stunnel 4.34 is available here :
> http://delaage.pierre.free.fr/contrib/stunnel/wce/stunnel434_WCEpatched2X86.zip
> IT COVERS both WCE and Win32 versions of stunnel.
> NEW FILES have been added to the sources: see attachments:
> - version.h is NOW the CENTRAL point to define major and minor versions
> of stunnel (NO MORE definition is makefile, which is logical : you
> modify the version of the product, without necessarily modifying the
> production process).
> - version.rc is the resource file required by windows as the repository
> of the stunnel.exe properties displayed in Windows Explorer.
> Compiled with evc for wce or with VC for win32, this works perfectly.
> But compiled and linked with gcc, those properties are unfortunately not
> displayed by Windows Explorer, although embedded in the exe file. I have
> established that it is a bug in "gnu-link" stage.
> - makew32 : the equivalent of makece for Win32, which avoid repetitive
> and error prone pollution of env vars when repetitively compiling for
> w32. It is very useful in frequent recompilation at dev/test time.
> - now to compile, or clean up things, for a particular WCE TARGET CPU :
> just type things like :
> makece ARMV4, eg for ARMV4 CPU
> makece ARMV4 clean
> makece X86, eg for ARMV4 CPU
> makece X86clean
> ===>  this create ../bin/ARMV4/stunnel.exe and ../obj/ARMV4/all objs
> files, or the like with X86 cpu and so on.
> See list of all supported target cpu in evc.mak. ARMV4 and X86 go well;
> more cpu may be checked by experts vs compilation flags...
> This is very practical to compile for various targets without modifying,
> deleting, renaming, anything and with no side effects between targets.
> - For Win32, yes for Windows PC, just type :
> makew32
> makew32 clean
> ===>  this create ../bin/W32/stunnel.exe and ../obj/W32/all objs files.
> This tool uses MS-VC 2008 express as compiler/linker.
> - For Win32, but with MINGW32 tools (and GNU-WIN32 coreutils !!!), just
> type :
> mingw32-make -f mingw.mak
> mingw32-make -f mingw.mak clean
> ===>  this create ../bin/MGW32/stunnel.exe and ../obj/MGW32/objs files.
> GOODIE: I have tricked the mingw.mak to work EITHER on a Windows
> compilation HOST MACHINE, OR a LINUX/UN*X compilation HOST.
> On windows mingw.mak properly checks and warns about potential missing
> of gnu-win32 tools.
> Note: the make.bat file is just a shortcut for mingw32-make -f mingw.mak.
> So, since my previous version of the patch, here are my adds :
> 1/ evc.mak :
> 1.1/linking with a recompiled version of Essemer/wcecompat:
> this library has been customized to compile in SEPARATE folders for
> MULTIPLE targets.
> So path to proper libs have been changed.
> My customized version of wcecompat is available here :
> http://delaage.pierre.free.fr/contrib/wcecompat/wcecompat12_patched2X86.zip
> IT HAS ALSO been adapted to have separate folders for distinct targets
> pre-compiled versions.
> Please note that this philosophy is shared with openssl.
> 1.2/ linking with winsock2 library instead of winsock1: at first to be
> consistent with the C code, and second because winsock2 is more close to
> socket standard than ws1.
> 1.3/ linking with COREDLL.lib and CORELIBC.lib ONLY: whatever /MC or /MT
> or other flag you put for CLxxx command, the set of default libs
> expected to be linked is WRONG.
> This is a bug of CLxxx tools, inconsitent with MS doc.
> SO we have to overwrite the default lib list by always the same ones.
> You can verify that this is the right way to do it by searching for a
> libc.lib in various evc/libs : you will NOT find any although clxxx /?
> talks about it.
> 1.3/ change in VERSION management : now there is a version.h and
> version.rc souce file for this.
> One that wants to change version has just to edit version.h and then
> version info will be propagated as usual in resource.h, AND also
> in the exe itself to be displayable in Windows Explorer.
> Now people will have a simple mean to check the version of stunnel.
> Michal: have you noticed that there was a vestige "version.h" file
> mentioned in vc.mak !
> now it makes sense in evc.mak, vc.mak and mingw.mak, for wce or win32
> targets.
> 1.4/ link /machine : IX86 is improper with WCE, it is X86.
> 1.5/ Multiple WCE CPU targets supported by giving targetcpu on the make
> command line like this :
> makece ARMV4 all
> targetcpu is now mandatory.
> makece without options, as usual, will show the new syntax (very simple).
> 1.6/ improved clean target with some rmdirs and proper redirection of
> error messages.
> proper use of make flags - at .
> 1.7/ added explicit "inference rules" that are compatible MS nmake/
> Borland make,
> to be sure of the proper options, and to manage multiple subdirs
> management matching TARGETCPU.
> Now stunnel.exe is build in stunnel/bin/TARGETCPU subdir
> objs are build in stunnel/obj/TARGETCPU
> I really think it is practical and good policy : on my host machine I
> have been able to test efficiently at the same time
> three flavors of stunnel : win32, wce/arm, wce/x86 without
> erasing/renaming/recompiling each time and wondering for what platform
> was my stunnel.Exe built for.
> 1.8/ HOST flag put in $(DEFINES) for CC and RC to add more info to exe
> info property shhet in Windows Explorer "this stunnel is for THIS type
> of target"
> 2/ makece.bat:
> protection against pollution of environment when makece is repeatedly
> run with the same targetcpu.
> + Env is updated only when one is switching targetcpu.
> This is not perfect, but a step in the good direction.
> To understand what I mean, perform "set" to see all the env vars after
> each makece call...
> PRACTICALLY : you can type makece ARMV4 and then makece X86 in the same
> command line window, without polluting "too much" the environment,
> only when changing target. No need, reasonably, to have multiple command
> line windows opened.
> 3/ vc.mak: for win32
> "multiple target" support by putting w32 obj and exe files in obj/w32
> and bin/w32 subdirs, version.rc support, winsock2 lib integration.
> crypt32 was missing .lib SUFFIX !
> improper use of winsock1 : it is better to take winsock2 lib, and it is
> what the code requires (#includes...) !
> version management through version.h /.rc instead of /DVERSION
> general logic now close to that of WCE evc.mak, as can be (evc and vc
> are very close in their syntax, flags...).
> HOST flag to add more info to exe info property sheet in Windows
> Explorer "this stunnel is for THIS type of target"
> 4/ created a makew32.bat script
> as a wrapper to setenv vars for MSVC 2008 Express, and nmake call.
> This has to be improved in the future: presently it cannot be called
> after a previous compilation for WCE :
> pollution of PATH and INCLUDE env vars requires to reopen a shell via
> cmd.exe.
> One day I will check if there a simple way to clean env vars from some
> path (not so simple).
> 5/ adapted mingw.mak to link with WINSOCK 2 (!!) and use of
> version.rc/.h + general processing made similar to that of vc.mak.
> I tested with mingw for windows and it works. Someone should test with
> gcc under linux, this should work...
> HOST flag to add more info to exe info property sheet in Windows
> Explorer "this stunnel is for THIS type of target"
> Some rewriting to have a mingw.mak close to vc.mak, to ease maintenance...
> I checked gnu make syntax, and it is close to ms nmake and borland make,
> except for ifdef directives and inference rules syntax, unfortunately.
> I am somehow skilled in this boring exercise of comparing various make
> tools and syntax.
> MINGW.MAK bugs: incorrect reference to "Makefile.w32", incorrect INC
> path for openssl/win32 (this is NOT "outinc" but "inc32"! since a long
> time).
> NOTE : to compile on windows I commented "-l zdll" lib in the mingw.mak.
> Michal, may you restore it if it is useful (I do not see why anyway).
> Added a testenv pseudo-target to check for gnu-win32 proper installation.
> Added some tricks to enable proper execution with the same makefile
> either on a Windows HOST or a Linux HOST.
> When I say host, I mean "production machine" , and NOT TARGET machine
> which is always win32 with mingw.mak.
> 6/ make.bat: this script is ONLY meaningful with mingw.mak and MINGW32
> gnu environment.
> Due to various improvments I MADE in mingw.mak, mingw.mak is now only
> compatible with mingw32-make,
> and not just "make.exe", which is Borland make on Windows...
> TODO : I did not deal with stunnel making for linux, and/or rpm packaging.
> But I guess that makefile.in etc...should be updated...
> Anyway, on linux, NOT including version.rc is not a problem, as this
> file is useless in that target environment.
> But I think that having ../obj/UNX and ../bin/UNX folders should be a
> good practice...
> 7/ common.h :
> Eureka  ! I finally understood and cleaned up the mess around the
> redefinition of various Socket Error codes.
> This comes from the fact that, previously, those codes were defined in
> MS winsock1 header files, but disappeared in winsock2 header files (they
> are commented)
> Apparently, stunnel code was including winsock1 for w32 but winsock2 for
> WCE, although winsock2 is in fact available on both platforms.
> So I decided to move to winsock2 for WCE, and re-declaring (again) SOME
> of those constants.
> Some clean up of the makefile has been done also to REALLY link to ws2
> lib instead of ws1 (because there was also a confusion there!).
> 8/ ctx.c : htons is requesting "short". so a cast was required to avoid
> warnings from the compiler.
> 9/ resolver.c : here we are:
> many routines have been reimplemented when they are in fact available in
> winsock2 both for w32 AND WCE.
> Michal: I expect that you review this with particular attention.
> In fact I have modified the logic of "masking" local_routines when
> already defined in winsock2.
> the previous code was HIDING winsock2 instead of the local_routines.
> It seemed not logical.
> It is important to note that the three routines "getaddrinfo,
> freeaddrinfo, getnameinfo" are FOR INSTANT used only in resolver.c,
> BUT the previous code was preventing them from being used by other modules.
> Now, with my code, it is possible.
> My code also avoid compilation warnings (because, as getaddrinfo REALLY
> exist in win32, such a "#define getaddrinfo localgetaddrinfo"
> inevitably raises a warning of the compiler for redef of an existing
> symbol; and hence it reveals a problem of conflict..., while my solution
> avoids all this pitfalls).
> Removed also the restriction "AND IPV6" on win32 conditional #IF:
> winsock2 supports ipv6.
> Michal: a review on these conditional #IF should be useful...
> I wanted to add that those routines are also parts of the POSIX standard
> API, so they are available almost everywhere...
> so I hardly understand their purpose today.
> 10/ version.h :
> I have used some preprocessor tricks to have a VERSION string correctly
> defined BOTH with MS evc preprocessor, MS vc preprocessor:
> AND GNU preprocessor.
> those preprocessors have some differences...particularly when called
> from a rc compiler through a "pipe" like gnu windres.
> In ms VC and EVC the rc preprocessing is NOT the same as that of the
> compiler...
> Now it works with every build system, and either in .c compilation or
> .rc compilation.
> USEFUL : openssl team is desperately ignoring any WCE patch, so if you
> want an openssl 100a source tree compatible with WCE,
> just download mine there :
> http://delaage.pierre.free.fr/contrib/openssl/wce/openssl100a_WCEpatched3.zip
> FYI,  my patch to openssl is registered here :
> http://rt.openssl.org/index.html?q=2350  (login guest/password guest).
> TODO : gui.c contains code to dynamically load ws2 getaddrinfo
> why not rely only on static linking for that, as ws2 is available
> everywhere since w95 and wce4.1 ?
> we have to harmonize the code there with resolver.c and various makefiles
> In resolver.c: code remains to load dynamically ws2 getaddrinfo etc..at
> run-time only on win32, and not in CE while it is ALSO available!
> I suggest to have "static" linking to ws2.lib both in w32 and wce . but
> more code has to be modified to be definitely clean and clear.
> When I say "static  linking" I mean "Load-Time Dynamic Linking", ie link
> with ws2.lib stub at build time, not "link with static lib"...
> I thank you for your good work and attention,
> Yours sincerely,
> Pierre Delaage
> Le 27/09/2010 00:40, Pierre DELAAGE a écrit :
> >  Dear All,
> >  Please find enclosed a patch in "diff -cr orig patched" format,
> >  applying to stunnel4.34 as found hereftp://stunnel.mirt.net/stunnel/.
> >  This patch mainly addresses compilation and unicode issues for Windows
> >  CE targets + ONE critical issue preventing stunnel to service anything
> >  (!).
> >  
> >  I use MS EVC 4sp2 compiler with WCE 420 SDK, on a vista host platform.
> >  Once debugged the code works fine on WM6 HTC smartphones.
> >  Should work on WM5.
> >  It needs a windows CE openssl lib (I recompiled MY patched version of
> >  openssl 1.0.0a successfully: I will have to log a patch to those
> >  gentlemen, hoping that they are open to integrate it, something not so
> >  obvious in the past).
> >  
> >  I will later post here a link to my patch for openssl 100a pointing to
> >  the openssl mailing list. THIS OPENSSL PATCH IS ESSENTIAL : with my
> >  older version of openssl 098pre_j for wce, stunnel does not work
> >  anymore (it crashes after first cnx).
> >  
> >  
> >  The present stunnel patch addresses the following issues :
> >  
> >  *************
> >  
> >  1/ on common.h "EINVAL redefinition" :
> >  in fact the compile options WX (see evc.mak) does not tolerate any
> >  warning :
> >  The MS evc420 compiler ALWAYS issues a warning on this symbol
> >  redefinition.
> >  Michal and I are dealing with it since month...
> >  But, considering that NEITHER Exxx error codes are used in stunnel,
> >  I suggest that in fact ALL these redef should be suppressed.
> >  
> >  TODO: In the future a proper rewrite of code in log.c, where hardcoded
> >  values of WSA error codes are used instead of symbolic constant, will
> >  have to be done.
> >  
> >  
> >  2/ client.c
> >  CreateProcess is a UNICODE function: code was ascii only.
> >  Code has been adapted to work in unicode.
> >  
> >  3/ evc.mak
> >  path to new openssl lib has been redefined.
> >  proper location for the libs in openssl tree has been set in the
> >  make-install block (although this block is presently USELESS and needs
> >  a complete rewrite).
> >  
> >  4/ gui.c
> >  All code using hmainmenu is OFF under winCE.
> >  So some new lines involving it were not compiling.
> >  
> >  5/ options.c
> >  
> >  linger_val.l_linger and linger_val.l_onoff require ushort values.
> >  Strict type checking of the compiler required a proper cast to ushort
> >  of the r-values.
> >  
> >  
> >  stralloc uses "strdup":
> >  on Win32 and winCE strdup is _strdup (!).
> >  
> >  6/ prototypes.h :
> >  _beginthread was defined as returning an int, an a long in sthread.c.
> >  After some checking in various documentations, long is the correct type,
> >  in particular because _beginthread can return the special error value
> >  "-1L". So that unsigned types are illogical.
> >  This simplifies the code in some locations, by saving some -now
> >  useless- casts.
> >  
> >  7/ sthread.c
> >  
> >  create_client: suppressed some useless cast to (long) for beginthread.
> >  
> >  *************
> >  II] OPERATIONAL ERRORS (at run-time)
> >  This is a reminder of previous notification to the mailing list :
> >  due to beginthread improper code and/or use,
> >  It is presently IMPOSSIBLE for stunnel 434 to be used in production on
> >  WCE:
> >  it is just unable to service any...service.
> >  Nothing happens if, for example, you use it to connect to an https
> >  server. No log either !
> >  
> >  I corrected the code with both Michal patch to gui.c and mine to
> >  sthread.c:
> >  
> >  gui.c (Michal patch) :
> >  _beginthread was called with 0 as stacksize which, cumulated to an
> >  improper coding of sthread/beginthread, led to FAILURE of service
> >  thread creation.
> >  
> >  sthread.c:
> >  _beginthread : now supports "0" stacksize value, leading to default
> >  linker stack size (1MB by default unless specified differently on the
> >  linker command line, something we do not yet perform but could).
> >  
> >  *************
> >  _beginthread: added a log on critical event of "failure" to create a
> >  service thread. because I think it is a critical event, isn't it?
> >  
> >  
> >  I hope you will find this patch useful.
> >  Thank you for your excellent work,
> >  Yours sincerely,
> >  
> >  Pierre Delaage
> >  
> >  Note : I use stunnel to establish a simple "vpn" between smartphones and
> >  a corporate linux server mainly for HTTPS/POPS/SMTPS support.
> >  Stunnel is very relevant in that matter, over solutions based on SSH
> >  (although we use also ssh), from a communication cost point of view :
> >  ssh establishes permanent socket between client and server, so that the
> >  communication is charged by the mobile network provider : and these
> >  charges are very expensive.
> >  On the contrary stunnel only establishes ssl sockets on demand so that
> >  financial charges are limited to strict necessary.
> >  Please note that stunnel brings "client based certificate
> >  authentication" to POP/SMTP mobile mail user agents which only
> >  BASICALLY supports SSL with server authentication, but NO client
> >  authentication, such as M$ Outlook forMobile  (unless you pay for an
> >  exchange server and exchange client licence).
> >  Here again stunnel is very relevant.
> >  
> >  Note 2 : the strdup and unicode bug fixes should benefit also to the
> >  win32 (for PC) stunnel version for PC.
> >  
> >  
> >  
> >  
> *["stunnel434patch20101117.zip" (application/x-zip-compressed)]*  <http://marc.info/?l=stunnel-users&m=129002593426045&q=p3>
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