[stunnel-users] RFC: purge use of keyword 'transparent'

oscaruser at programmer.net oscaruser at programmer.net
Fri Jan 7 03:26:38 CET 2011


After searching, installing various Linuces (in the 2.6 family), e.g. CentOS, Ubuntu, and so on, I have not been able to get transparent proxy working at all. As such since it the function does not work, and there is great debate as to whether it ever worked, I would like to propose that this keyword and reference to its function be discarded entirely. This will save many folks a great deal of time and effort attempting to try and get it to work, myself having spent over 80 hours (including my precious holiday time) trying to dig, scratch, research up old posts that say it works or someone has it working under such and such a configuration! The documentation itself has folks claiming that it works and does not, which is really a bad practice. Why did you perpetuate this option in the first place?! 

I hope you see the importance and reason with my request and act immediately.

 ... Unless someone really really does have it working. 

Thank you

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