[stunnel-users] Incompatibility between openssl 1.0.0 and 0.9.8 which cause stunnel windows version malfunction.

ayanamist ayanamist at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 09:16:04 CET 2011

I generated a pair of key and certificates with openssl 1.0.0d, and use
them in stunnel 4.36.
Today i upgrade it to stunnel 4.50 and it doesnot work. All configurations
remain unmodified. Then i tested many versions and found, stunnel with
openssl 1.00 works fine while with openssl 0.98 does not work.
I use stunnel with linux server and windows client, stunnel 4.50 windows
version is using openssl 0.98, so cause this problem.
4.47 is using 1.00e which i think is newer than 0.98 bundled with 4.50.
So why stunnel keep changing openssl version?
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