[stunnel-users] Réf. : Re: Need some informations about stunnel (AC,?crl?files)

Ludolf Holzheid lholzheid at bihl-wiedemann.de
Wed Apr 27 15:35:06 CEST 2011

On Wed, 2011-04-27 13:06:43 +0200, laurent.uk at bnpparibas.com wrote:
> Dear ludolf thanks you for your response.
> So if i use verify = 3, the crl files is useless.
> I went to the url http://crl.verisign.com , and there were a lot of files.
> what are the files corresponding of the crl list please?

Those with the ".crl" extension, I suppose ;-)

You'll need to look for the CRLs matching the certificates you want to
use. Note, there may be CRLs for intermediate certificates too.

At least (the randomly selected) Class3SoftwarePublishers.crl seems to
be in DES format, you might have to convert it to PEM for use with



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