[stunnel-users] openssl cross compiling for windows

Jon Daley stunnel at jon.limedaley.com
Wed Oct 27 17:02:56 CEST 2010

On Wed, 27 Oct 2010, Michal Trojnara wrote:
> 1. Install mingw32 tools:
> apt-get install mingw32
 	Yes, I did that.

> 2. Cross-compile and install zlib
> (see the zlib documentation for details)
 	Yes, I was doing that, but then was leaving it out since I don't need 
it (AFAIK).

> 3. Cross-compile OpenSSL:
> ./Configure --cross-compile-prefix=i586-mingw32msvc- mingw shared
> zlib-dynamic
> make
 	And you end up with 3 dlls in the openssl directory?

> 4. Cross-compile stunnel:
> cd src
> make stunnel.exe
 	I can compile stunnel.exe fine, I just can't run it, because I don't 
have all three of the dlls.

Jon Daley
If you do a job too well, you will get stuck with it.
-- Slous

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